Green Tea Chillin’

Green Tea Chillin'


Jane Norman side zip pants
$47 –

Wood bracelet
$19 –

Stud earrings

Hair accessory

Tech accessory

Eos lip care
$15 –

$22 –


Boho Gold Nails

NAME: BOHO GOLD by Maybelline Color Show
I’m fairly picky about my gold and metallic colours, but when I saw the new Maybelline nail polishes in stores, I HAD to get them, I have 4 from this collection, and 2 from the new limited edition ones, including this one. In the bottle this looks very similar(dupe!) to Deborah Lippmann’s Swagga Like Us — these colours definitely look nicer in the bottles than on the nails, but whatever. It also looks similar to OPI’s Just Spotted A Lizard, but I think that one gives off more of a greener finish and it’s more opaque looking than this one. This one took about 4 coats to get to this opacity, and you can still see my nails underneath, which is rather annoying, as the formula is quite thin. It has a brassy look to it, which some may or may not enjoy. This isn’t anywhere near one of my “most worn” type of colours, but for an every once in a while thing, this is great and a much cheaper alternative to the more pricey high end polishes! This retails for around $4-5 in Canadian drugstores. The lasting power was also mediocre, or more than mediocre. It lasted for ~5 days without chipping, and that’s without a top coat. As you can see in this picture, which was taken after 4 days of wear, there was some wearing of the tips, which tends to happen with a few of my polishes(maybe it’s just my nails)bohogold

Holiday Nails

Hey guys, I know it’s a little late, but I did these during exams, they looked better in person, hard to capture the natural look through a lens, but it’s an idea for holiday nails! My nails definitely look better lately, but this is just to give you an idea of a potential look. Nude with coloured tips!

Polishes used

  • Nude Polish –> Gray Suede by Revlon (my favourite nude polish!)
  • Red tips –> Wine Not by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure
  • Glitter –> Icebreaker by Nail Art Deco
  • Clear top coat –> Clear by Revlon (of course!)


NOTD: September 1 -My Back To School Nails

It’s September, can you believe it!? These past few days have been incredibly busy for me as I am returning back to university REALLY SOON! Classes begin in just a few days, but I found some time to do my nails and post a picture for you guys! 🙂 Chevron nails have been very in style as of recent, and I have been meaning to do the design on my nails for the longest time and I finally got around to doing it. This is not an original idea or anything, just a recreated look of something I found online, except for the fact that I added that little streak of silver sparkles. I know, I am so original, haha. I really love how it turned out and I think it’s the perfect end of the summer look. Enjoy! Original photo -> Pink Chevron 

Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Speedy Sunburst (base pink)
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Celeb City (silver)
  • NYX in White 
  • Nail Art Deco Black Polish
  • Nail Art Deco Ice Breaker (silver sparkles)

New Revlon Line + Upcoming Reviews

Hello, hello! Today I went to the drugstore and purchased a couple of items and of course the first section I go to is the nail polish section…and guess what I found?! A new line of Revlon polishes(apparently they haven’t arrived in US drugstores yet….that’s a shocker). The line is called Revlon Brilliant Strength, there is no mention of it being a limited edition line, and they have QUITE a range of of colours, around 10-12 is what was available where I went. At the drugstore I went to, they were $6.99(CDN), which is around the same price as any other Revlon polish, except for the duo end polishes and the Colorstay line, which are $8.99. Anyway, I was SO close on purchasing one of the colours, but then I didn’t since I had JUST bought a few nail polishes a few days ago. But I think I will go back at some point and get some. The colours are rather unique, they aren’t just your ordinary dupable nail polishes. There were three that caught my eye – a turquoise colour, it was like a more opaque-er/slightly brighter version of Turquoise and Caicos by Essie(it just looked more opaque in the bottle, I obviously don’t know what the application is like) and a dark dark duo,-chrome ish, metallic blue colour that was absolutely stunning, and a dark metallicish burgundy colour, with some specks of glitter(maybe), which would be perfect for Fall. If I actually get any from that line(which I want to) it will definitely be the turquoise and the burgundy colour. 
Anyway, my main reason for going to the drugstore in the first place was to get some eyeliner; I got the L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black, it retails for around $12.99, but it was on sale for $8.99 and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I thought the sale was a sign for me to buy it, and I did! I am in LOVE with it already. It is so creamy and so intense in colour, I will be reviewing this after a few more uses to give you more of an idea of what I think about it! 🙂 
Another product that I bought was the eos Shaving Cream, I had never seen these in store before , only heard of them, so I HAD to buy it. I am such an eos fan, I really want to try the eos body lotion as well, but I have yet to find it in a store, so yeah! I actually have used the shaving cream already, but I think I will need to use it a couple more times to give you a full on review, so be waiting for that! 😀
One more thing! Be on the lookout for the next post in my Fall 2012 Nail Polish Favourites series…I think I’m feeling a little “blue” thinking about it. 😉 

I Want This.

Have you guys seen the Deborah Lippmann nail colour in Mermaid’s Dream? It is GORGEOUS. I think I have heard that they have an almost dupe-able colour by Urban Outfitters? I have never seen it, but I believe that it is called Sea Dust(also a fitting name). But guys, I would LOVE you so much if you bought this colour for me by Deborah Lippmann(hehehehe)….I can’t even get over it! My town doesn’t even sell Deborah Lippmann, nor do any of the neighbouring towns, I’d have to go out like an hour to even see any of her polishes, and usually it’s a limited supply of them too! SIGHS. I’ll show you a swatch of it that I found online. Doesn’t it make you want it? Beauty in a bottle. The name fits it perfectly. I am SO jealous of the people that actually own this colour.

NOTD: August 23 – Mint With A Little Orange Flair

Summer is slowly ending, a little bright but a tad bit toned down nails are the way to go! 

Products Used:

  • Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear
  • Orange Fix by Maybelline Color Show. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like this polish so that’s why I’m using it for nail art/designs, don’t really want it to go to waste. The finish of the polish is kind of like a vinyl-matte finish, I don’t really like it. It feels a little rubbery. 
  • Black Nail Art Polish
  • Revlon Clear Top Coat

Fall 2012 Nail Polish – PURPLE CRAZY.

So Autumn(do people still say Autumn, or is it just Fall? Hmmm.) is quickly approaching us, if you couldn’t tell! I decided I would do a little mini post series of different fall nail polishes, and I decided I’d start with PURPLE! These are my go to purple nail polishes for this coming season. So you may see some of these colours on, in upcoming NOTD posts! Remember, this is focused on the SHADES, not necessarily the brand of nail polish, considering some of these were “limited edition” nail polishes, so they won’t be in stores anymore. So if you find that you like some of these colours, remember there are dupes out there for most! 🙂 If you like a certain one of these shades, just comment below and ask the shade name if you can’t see it in the picture! 🙂 To see the picture enlarged to see the shades in more detail, just click on the image and you’ll see it magnified. 🙂 

NOTD – August 20 – Shimmer + Glitter

Hey guys! It has been TOO long since I have made a nail post, so here’s the first one in a long time! 🙂 Summer’s almost over and the it has been getting colder out…so I decided to go with a “dark” but bright colour, and then played it up a bit.

Products Used:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Anemone of Mine (base purple colour)
  • Covergirl Boundless Color in Ruby Dust (the glitter)
  • Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color in DVD (the blue shimmery colour) – absolutely LOVE this colour for layering, it looks AMAZING on top of dark blue polishes. 

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength – Black Tie Swatch

This is the new nail polish that I picked up a couple days ago! Justice could not be done with taking the picture of this colour. This is a duochrome nail polish..from the drugstore…one that is not translucent, but OPAQUE! It’s like a gunmetal/teal/violet duochrome colour and absolutely stunning! I think everyone should really go out and add this to their collection, it really is like no other colour!