Boho Gold Nails

NAME: BOHO GOLD by Maybelline Color Show
I’m fairly picky about my gold and metallic colours, but when I saw the new Maybelline nail polishes in stores, I HAD to get them, I have 4 from this collection, and 2 from the new limited edition ones, including this one. In the bottle this looks very similar(dupe!) to Deborah Lippmann’s Swagga Like Us — these colours definitely look nicer in the bottles than on the nails, but whatever. It also looks similar to OPI’s Just Spotted A Lizard, but I think that one gives off more of a greener finish and it’s more opaque looking than this one. This one took about 4 coats to get to this opacity, and you can still see my nails underneath, which is rather annoying, as the formula is quite thin. It has a brassy look to it, which some may or may not enjoy. This isn’t anywhere near one of my “most worn” type of colours, but for an every once in a while thing, this is great and a much cheaper alternative to the more pricey high end polishes! This retails for around $4-5 in Canadian drugstores. The lasting power was also mediocre, or more than mediocre. It lasted for ~5 days without chipping, and that’s without a top coat. As you can see in this picture, which was taken after 4 days of wear, there was some wearing of the tips, which tends to happen with a few of my polishes(maybe it’s just my nails)bohogold


New Revlon Line + Upcoming Reviews

Hello, hello! Today I went to the drugstore and purchased a couple of items and of course the first section I go to is the nail polish section…and guess what I found?! A new line of Revlon polishes(apparently they haven’t arrived in US drugstores yet….that’s a shocker). The line is called Revlon Brilliant Strength, there is no mention of it being a limited edition line, and they have QUITE a range of of colours, around 10-12 is what was available where I went. At the drugstore I went to, they were $6.99(CDN), which is around the same price as any other Revlon polish, except for the duo end polishes and the Colorstay line, which are $8.99. Anyway, I was SO close on purchasing one of the colours, but then I didn’t since I had JUST bought a few nail polishes a few days ago. But I think I will go back at some point and get some. The colours are rather unique, they aren’t just your ordinary dupable nail polishes. There were three that caught my eye – a turquoise colour, it was like a more opaque-er/slightly brighter version of Turquoise and Caicos by Essie(it just looked more opaque in the bottle, I obviously don’t know what the application is like) and a dark dark duo,-chrome ish, metallic blue colour that was absolutely stunning, and a dark metallicish burgundy colour, with some specks of glitter(maybe), which would be perfect for Fall. If I actually get any from that line(which I want to) it will definitely be the turquoise and the burgundy colour. 
Anyway, my main reason for going to the drugstore in the first place was to get some eyeliner; I got the L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black, it retails for around $12.99, but it was on sale for $8.99 and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I thought the sale was a sign for me to buy it, and I did! I am in LOVE with it already. It is so creamy and so intense in colour, I will be reviewing this after a few more uses to give you more of an idea of what I think about it! 🙂 
Another product that I bought was the eos Shaving Cream, I had never seen these in store before , only heard of them, so I HAD to buy it. I am such an eos fan, I really want to try the eos body lotion as well, but I have yet to find it in a store, so yeah! I actually have used the shaving cream already, but I think I will need to use it a couple more times to give you a full on review, so be waiting for that! 😀
One more thing! Be on the lookout for the next post in my Fall 2012 Nail Polish Favourites series…I think I’m feeling a little “blue” thinking about it. 😉 

Back To School: EOS Hand Lotion Review

Moisturizing is important! No one wants dry hands while they’re at school. Yuck! Trying to find the perfect hand lotion but failing? Well, you no longer need to worry! 

The eos hand lotion! 44mL of goodness that can fit in the palm of your hand. There are three “scents”/”flavours” – everyday hand lotion-blue(which I have) – very very light scent, cucumber-green(I have this one too, really fresh smelling), and berry blossom-pink(I do not own this one). The claims it makes – 97% natural formula, it is for all skin types, Paraben free, Phthalate-free(I couldn’t tell you WHAT that even is), Lanolin free, dye free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested(as most products are). 

This is a very recent purchase for me, yes, I went shopping…AGAIN. I couldn’t settle on just one, I had to buy two. This product is amazing, it’s not like any other hand cream that I have used before. Each individual one is just 44mL which may seem like a small amount to some, but trust me, a little goes a long way with this product. I just put the tiniest bit on at first and it was EXTREMELY moisturizing, and actually made my hands feel soft! I am a fan of the lip balm, and now this lotion has just racked up points for eos in my books. Plus the packaging is extremely cute, I would WANT to be seen with it in public, haha. 🙂 Here is a link to the eos website, go check out some of their products! “Infused with moisturizing shea butter, oat extract, and a generous helping of antioxidants and vitamins C and E” – eos website . Price: $4.29(CDN). 

YES x infinity. The packaging is extremely cute and it works! The scents are amazing as well, really fresh, and nothing too strong. It is the perfect item to carry around in your backpack or purse at school, or even just keep it at your locker! 🙂 

Back To School: L’OREAL Liquid Eyeliner Comparison and Review

I was reviewing lip products before, and now I have jumped to eye products all of a sudden. Eyeliner, yes, I am a huge fan of eyeliner, I actually wear eyeliner more than mascara, I can’t live without eyeliner. YIKES.

Today I will be comparing TWO liquid eyeliners and you will learn which one draws my eye(no pun intended?). The top swatch is the brush tip one, the bottom is the felt tip…both are just one swipe of the liner. 

L’OREAL Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner. I will be comparing the felt tip one and the brush tip one. Both in the colour Carbon Black…which is the “darkest” shade in the line. There aren’t very many shades available in these products, just a few shades each, mainly basic eyeliner shades– brush tip one has Black and Carbon Black(both of which I have tried)..and the felt tip has Black Mica(which I have tried), Carbon Black(obviously tried this one), Earthen Rock Brown, and Mineral Grey. These are available at basically any drugstore and the price ranges from around $8-$13(CDN). 

I had been looking for a liquid eyeliner for the longest time, a few years back. I had purchased a few from different brands and they just weren’t meeting my expectations. Finally I saw the L’OREAL Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner(brush tip) in Black on sale one time, and I was like “Okay, I’m buying this.” — previously in middle school I had an N.Y.C liquid liner with a brush tip and absolutely LOVED it…but then they discontinued it, and I had lost interest in liquid liner after that. So once I purchased the L’OREAL one I really REALLY liked it. It was bold in colour, long lasting wear, exactly what I needed. Then I started watching makeup videos on Youtube and people were talking about liquid liner and many raved about the FELT TIP liner by L’OREAL Lineur Intense. So then I went to the store, bought one in Black Mica…wasn’t a fan. The colour was nice, but the wear and application were not. I didn’t think much of it, then I just carried on using the brush tip one. Once that ran out I came across the Carbon Black one…it was a much bolder black, once again, LOVED it. I have been through 3 or 4 tubes of the brush tip liner, haven’t finished a single tube of the felt tip ones though. The felt tip ones in my opinion are much too watery, they just fade off too quickly and don’t show a bold/opaque colour. Even the Carbon Black felt tip liner is just very very watery and light in colour.

The brush tip one, I would recommend ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Best eyeliner I have EVER used, and it’s DRUGSTORE! Considering how many tubes I have been through of it, I can only rave about it, I wouldn’t just keep purchasing a product if it was terrible. Many people say that brush tip applicators are much harder to apply precisely, but in my opinion I think with a little practice you’ll get used to it.You can go for neutral looks to bold dramatic looks with this eyeliner. Unfortunately the felt tip is just not that great in my opinion, regardless of how much it is raved about. Too watery, too light in colour, doesn’t last very long..ugh, I tried to like it, but I couldn’t. I also find the felt tip applicator hard to use…much more than the brush, then again I never found the brush too hard to use.

If you have any questions or feedback please formulate them into a comment below! 🙂 

Back To School: Revlon Lip Butter Review

Still on the lip products! I have a little mixed review about this product(unfortunately). If there is a product that I think is TERRIBLE, I probably will probably not make a post and review it, unless I do a post about products I regret buying or something. But since this is more of a “mixed” review…I decided to make a post about it. PLUS, it’s a product that gets hyped up a lot, or it WAS raved about back when it first came out.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter.  The claims they make: “Buttery Balm + Shiny Colour, Buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips, 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated”. So in other words, it’s supposed to be a hydrating lipstick kind of product. There are a lot of claims that it is supposed to be like a balm, because it’s “so hydrating”. There are a great range of colours, I believe just over 20 colours, which is QUITE the range in my opinion. It ranges from nudes to darks. It may be considered on the pricey side for a drugstore product, but drugstore products have definitely gone up in price. I’ve seen these range from $8.50-$11.00 (CDN).

When I first heard that they had released this product I was crazy about getting one for myself to try out. It was INCREDIBLY hard to find it at stores..some stores hadn’t started carrying it, other stores were getting sold out of it. The shade that I bought was Raspberry Pie – a dark pink-red/berry colour;it’s just a bit darker than my natural lip colour, and more pink. It’s a really nice colour, and it goes on opaquely. The reason I was lured into the hype was because it was a lip butter, as I mentioned in the post before, I don’t like lipsticks because they tend to dry out my lips. So I thought, it’s almost like a lip balm…but with more colour to it. I bought it, swatched it on my hand, absolutely loved it, put it on my lips, and err… Well, it didn’t apply  very evenly AT ALL in my opinion. The colour certainly showed up well, so that’s a good thing. It DID NOT make my lips smoother, or softer. It didn’t really “hydrate” them EITHER. It just dried out my lips — it just felt like lipstick…but it was a bit more shinier than lipstick. I considered maybe trying another colour, I feel like the nude/lighter colours would be more shinier and go on more smoothly than a darker colour, but I wasn’t willing to pay $10 for a product that I was going to get little use of/be disappointed with. I also feel like there isn’t very much product in it, I don’t know if that’s just something I think, or if others think that too.

Well…the packaging is nice, I thought it was ‘classy’ looking. This product has worked for MANY people, considering how many people rave about it, but on this blog, I talk about MY experience with things. If you have naturally dry lips, I would NOT recommend this product at all. Since I wasn’t very happy with the one I bought, I wouldn’t buy another one. In saying that though, I don’t like to let products go to waste and I try to use them up, unless they’re just BAD for my health or something like that. So the way I make this product work is just by applying a moisturizing lip balm underneath, and then applying the lip butter over top. Sometimes I don’t want such a harsh colour to show on my lips, so I just dab the lip butter, kind of like packing the colour INTO my lips, but lightly. So I would recommend this product if you’re willing to put a lip balm underneath or something, but for straight use, it just didn’t work for me and made my lips dry and crack.


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Back To School – Maybelline Baby Lips Review

Hello all!

It’s nearing back to school season for MANY of you(although I know that some of you have already started school again for the new year). For those that are still soaking up the last bit of your vacation, you’re probably anxious to go back to school shopping, whether it be for a new wardrobe, school supplies, or makeup and other beauty products! I thought I would start up with reviewing some of my favourite, affordable makeup products, this way you can get a perspective on certain products BEFORE you consider buying them! :)

So as you can tell from the title, I will be reviewing a product by Maybelline called BABY LIPS. I have a disclaimer on my blog, please remember that it applies for all reviews as well. Normally, I would have a photo(taken by me) of the product, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait for that this time. 

This product is a tinted lip balm, it ACTUALLY shows colour on your lips, they also have clear ones as well, for those that don’t want a tint to their lips. I have been using BABY LIPS for quite some time now, basically since they came out with them. It claims to give 8 hours of moisture to your lips, and I completely agree with the claim. It applies to your lips very smoothly, and KEEPS your lips hydrated for an extended period of time. It also includes SPF 20, which is PERFECT for the summer, and all year round. This is available at almost any drugstore, I’ve seen the price ranging anywhere from $4-$8(Canadian). It comes in a variety of shades, I believe there are 6 in total, 2 clear ones and 4 tinted ones. The tinted ones are Pink Punch(barbie pink tint), Cherry Me(light cherry red tint), Grape Vine(purple-y tint, nothing too outrageous though), and Peach Kiss(peach-nude tint). The clear ones are Quenched and Peppermint. Also, the packaging is super colourful, fun, and adorable(simple though), so if you’re a sucker for packaging, you’ll love it!

I believe I purchased my first one(Pink Punch) in Fall 2011. Pink Punch smells like, well, fruit punch! And it gives off a barbie pink tint to your lips. It’s a perfect colour for spring and summer. The second one that I purchased was in the colour Cherry Me, I think I’ve abused that one! It surprised me that I went for Cherry Me because normally I don’t like anything with cherry scents, it just reminds me of  flavoured medicine or some kind of flavoured cough syrup, I mainly bought it for the colour but the scent grew on me. It gives the most perfect light red tint to your lips, enhances your natural lip colour. After wearing it for a few days you will actually notice that your lips look and feel a lot healthier. I bought that one just at the beginning of this year, and I’m almost out of it, it is my favourite one out of the bunch! It is definitely my most used lip balm, apart from my EOS lip balm(a review for this will be coming shortly). Basically, I love it!

For school makeup, it’s best to keep it toned down(especially since some schools do have rules about makeup), but if you’re brave enough to do something fun and crazy with your makeup, by all means go ahead. This product is fairly affordable, and it can last you a long time. Application is smooth, it has shine but it doesn’t have a greasy look to it, and it keeps your lips smooth and soft. Personally, I don’t really like wearing lipsticks because they tend to dry out my lips quite easily, and the colour is usually too ‘opaque’ for my liking, for everyday wear. I’m not much of a lipgloss girl anymore either, I just don’t like the feeling of the sticky(even if it doesn’t feel sticky, maybe it’s a psychological thing haha), glossiness on my lips. I am all about tinted lip balms – they provide both moisture AND colour(whether it be a different colour or enhancing your own lip colour), it’s the best of both worlds. So if you were ever hesitant on purchasing this product, hesitate no longer, go get you some! :)

*Have questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments ! :) *

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